Photo:   Penn Eastburn

Photo: Penn Eastburn

In 2016, Team Olek came together to create a project in support of a future female leader.  In the weeks leading up to the election, the team met to crochet, listen to podcasts, and share our thoughts on women’s rights, equality, and freedom of speech, all of which were at stake in the pending election.  Together we created the Hillary billboard, featuring an image of Hillary Clinton smiling alongside the phrase, #I’mWithHer.  To the team, it became more than a catchy hashtag, and we truly bonded together in our support for women and the sense of community we had created.

I remember on November 8th, a photograph was circling the internet of Susan B. Anthony’s grave covered in “I Voted” stickers.  Despite the loss that day, the image stuck in my brain and my heart.  Amid all the negativity that followed, it inspired me to create a project that would celebrate the accomplishments of women, many of whom had been forgotten throughout U.S. history.

Love Across the USA is a community public art project with the goal of bringing women, men, and children together through community workshops and public art installations.  It is only as a united group that we can promote positive women’s voices and create real change.  Just as many loops connect to create a strong crocheted fabric, we are stronger together.

Olek at the Women's March on Washington.  Photo: Martha Cooper

Olek at the Women's March on Washington. Photo: Martha Cooper

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